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Knitting Ofcourse!

August 9th, 2008 (07:59 am)

I've had a great time knitting-wise this week. 

I signed up for the Secret of the Stole III after thinking that was the one
lann was trying.  I haven't switched to hers, because then I might feel too competitive when I know she's going to whip that puppy off!  Lol.  So, instead after knitting just half of the lace from Juno, I've decided I should join an interemediate lace along!  *shakes head.*  Its going to be fun though. 

So here's the yarn I bought for SOTSIII - Misti Alpaca from Threads in Time.  So pretty and soft!  I've got three of these.

Bought these beads at Jangles - highly recommend the store - great stuff.  The purple is going to be paired with the Misti Alpaca for the Secret of the Stole III, and gold will go with the DK Swish for my Odessa whenever she gets on the list of things to do again.  That store is dangerous!  SO much fun.  Though, the beads are cheap, so its not THAT dangerous...*g*

Here's the yarn for Odessa and the baby sweater I'm eventually going to make my BIL and his finacee (good thing they're not due until December!!!)  I've got 3 of these too.

A quick Juno update - I'm on the easy part, so this has become my mindless knitting.  That's good, because with everything else on my plate I've got to work on this project whenever I can.  Sadly, I've heard that
mizzadamz, my laceoff comptetitor, has had a major setback and will be starting over again!  Even though she's my competition, I feel her pain!

Last night we kicked off the Ravelympics at
lann's house and I started my Sweater Dress for Babies.  Its going quite well!  I've only crocheted a plain baby blanket so far, so even though this (and the hat I'm doing as well) might be pretty easy, I'm still considering it a challenge.  And with everything else knitting wise on my plate, I'm happy to not over do it.

I think its going to be really cute!  And I'm not minding the crochet at all, though it uses a TONNE of yarn!  Oooh!  I'm becoming bi-craftual!  Lol.

Okay, enough knitting, back to real life.  Maybe I'll get a post up in my blog about what ELSE I'm doing these days.  Probably not though!  I never update anymore...too busy knitting!