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August 21st, 2008 (10:53 am)

Well, it's done and I'm glad of it! By the end I was pretty bored with it. I think that's it for feather and fan for me for a while! Baby's not due until December though, so I still have time to pull off a sweater!

My first ever crochet baby dress is done! yay! I think it turned out very well. Though, as usual, I can't follow a recipe to save my life. I had to keep the sleeves short and just add a scalloped edge, because long sleeves wouldn't have been nearly as cute! 
Clearly I have some kinks to work out, because the hat I made to match is GINORMOUS! Again, varied from the pattern after I realized it was not going to work at all (looked more plate-like than hat-like) and added the ruffle to the bottom to give it a girly finished edge. Not thrilled with it, so I'm going to try another hat to match.

Nothing has really happened with Juno, she's just waiting for some attention.  I've been distracted though.  Found these bins on sale at Canadain Tire, and thought they'd just fit so nicely on the red shelf downstairs (which they do) so picked up six of the blue lidded ones.  We have a few more of the smaller ones too, so it looks like my stash can expand!  *g*



Posted by: Heliinä (heliina)
Posted at: August 28th, 2008 01:55 pm (UTC)
Pink Tights

I thought I'd commented on your blanket and dress already but I see... well I see there are no comments from me here! yeesh. I think some days I'm losing my head!

I love love love the feather and fan stitch and your blanket is just gorgeous! It looks so cuddly and comfy.

That dress is really the cutest thing ever! I wish I knew friends/family with girl babies so I could knit sweet little dresses! Great job!

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